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This is a controlled ablative therapy directed to the deep area of the brain responsible for tremor, which uses ultrasound and is guided by Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Without surgical incisions and without ionizing radiation, allowing significant improvement with tremor disappearance on the treated side after a single treatment.

Treatment process


First, the patient makes an appointment where will be evaluated by a Neurologist of our Unit. If after clinical evaluation, the Neurologist concludes that the patient will benefit from the treatment, medical tests phase will follow.

Medical tests include blood tests, ECG and imaging diagnostic scans: a CT scan of the brain to measure the bone density of the skull and a brain MRI. These tests will confirm if the patient is a candidate and if there are no treatment contraindications.

Before the treatment, your head will be shaved at the hospital, to allow the ultrasound waves to travel through your skull and reach the intended brain target.

The medical team will be present during the entire treatment. At the end, the Neurologist will confirm when the patient can be discharged - usually the day after the procedure, after a pos-treatment brain MR scan. The patient will be able to return to normal activity within a few days.


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We have a teleconsultation service where you can, in an initial approach, clarify doubts and obtain further information about our HIFU MRg treatment.

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Dra. Joana Alves Costa

Unit Coordinator


Dra. Clara Chamadoira


Dr. Nuno Vila Chã


Dr. Rui Araújo




In what medical situations is treatment indicated?

To treat tremor in cases os Essencial Tremor (ET) and Tremor Dominant Parkinson’s Disease (TDPD).

Is HIFU MRg treatment covered by health insurance?

Not yet. However, please contact your health insurance company to assess possible reimbursement.

How long does the HIFU MRg treatment take?

3-4 hours (on average).

What is the recovery time for HIFU MRg treatment?

Minimal hospitalization only to rest: the patient is admitted the day before the treatment (often on the afternoon) and discharged on the day after the treatment during the morning, after passing a Brain MR just to check up the treated zone.

In few days, it is expected to resume normal activity.

Because there are no surgical incisions, there is no risk of infection associated with this treatment.

What are the side effects associated with HIFU MRg treatment?

Most are minor to moderate and temporary.

They may include in order from most frequent to less frequent: nausea, tingling/numbness on the treated side, slight imbalance/unsteadiness, gait disturbance and mild musculoskeletal weakness.

Why has this treatment never been mentioned to me before?

Probably because the technology underlying the treatment is of recent development and because this is the first MRg HIFU Unit installed in Portugal.

The technological system used – MRgFUS Exablate Neuro (Insightec Ltd) is approved in Europe (CE mark) and by the FDA.

How quickly can I book this treatment?

The first step is to book a HIFU appointment by phone or email: (+351) 258 248 399 | 808203904 | hifuporto@jcc.pt), expected to take between 8-15 days.

There is also the possibility of teleconsultation as a first assessment.

From the first consultation to the treatment day, you should count with 1 month. This time is needed to plan and follow the whole process, including other consultations or evaluations, that clinical conditions of each patient may require, the pre-treatment medical tests which confirm if you are a proper candidate and the treatment scheduling itself.

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